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Garden bird hygiene

Hi Wildlife Watchers! I’ve loved watching the birds visiting the nest boxes in my garden over the past few months. But with all that activity it’s important to make sure we keep things nice and clean to ensure our garden bird visitors remain fit and healthy. Mucky, bug infested bird boxes can lead to disease and seriously affect the health of the birds visiting our gardens so it’s important that we make sure they’re kept spick and span.



Checking & cleaning your nest box camera

Lucky enough to have a camera in your nest box? Make sure it’s in tip top condition:



Check the lens is clean. Sometimes the camera lens can get covered in dust, especially when fledglings start to do lots of wing exercises before leaving the nest. Clean the lens using a damp tissue and a cotton bud to remove any debris.

Check the microphone hole is clear. Sometimes debris can find its way into the hole for the microphone. This can make the sound from your nest box sound a little muffled. Use a toothpick or something similar to remove any debris blocking the hole.

Check the connectors and cable. Check the camera connectors haven’t worked loose and check the cable all the way back to your house to ensure it hasn’t been nibbled or damaged.

Check camera position and focus. Once you have cleaned your camera and nest box check to make sure the camera is correctly positioned and in focus. The camera should be set so it is in focus approx. 50mm from the base of the nest box. Once you have done all this you can fix your nest box back into position ready for the nest family to move in.