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Explore the North Sea floor

Find out what funky habitats and bright wildlife live on the North Sea floor. The deeper you go, the bigger they get! 

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 Design a starfish

Design a starfish

Have fun and create a super starfish!  Will it be green or pink?  Spiny or spotty?  Maybe it will even wear shades! 

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Peek behind the waving seaweed and under the rocks to spot the starfish that are hiding in the sea.  You'll find out lots of interesting facts about starfish too!  

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Swift academy

Have you got what it takes to survive as a swift?  Take on the challenge of nest building, finding a mate and catching insects to eat in this game created by Devon Wildlife Trust.

Train to be a swift


Build Your Own Sea Creature

Invent your very own sea creature and build it bit by bit. What special features will your animal have? Fins? Claws? Googly eyes? It's up to you! Created by Hants & IoW and Sussex Wildlife Trusts.

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Help the Hog

Meet Harry the Hedgehog. He needs your help to find his way about the garden and find the things he needs. There are lots of dangers too - humans and their gardens can make things tricky! Created by Devon Wildlife Trust.

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 Rock N Vole

Rock N Vole

Can you guide Rocky the water vole up the river in search of his perfect nature reserve? Watch out for owls, pollution and other dangers. Plus discover amazing facts about water voles - one of the UK's most endangered mammals.

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Maurice the Mole

Climate change is already changing nature in the UK and wildlife has to adapt to survive. Maurice the Mole is facing some unusual and extreme weather conditions – see if you can help him to adapt by playing this fun game. Created by Devon Wildlife Trust.

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