Badger Tracks

Name: Badger Tracks

Scientific name: Meles meles

Category: Tracks and signs

Nature Stars: 80

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About: When on the trail of badger tracks keep your eyes to the ground and look for pawprints, particularly in or near hedgerows and woodland (although badgers can also be found in some suburban areas to).  It helps if there is some mud around to preserve the print otherwise any tracks left by badgers will disappear pretty fast. Another telltale sign of badgers is fur caught on barbed wire. You can tell badger fur by the silver tip to the hair. Keep your eyes open for any caught on barbed wire fences (and remember to be careful of the barbs if you get lucky and want to have a closer look).

How to identify: A muddy print of five digits and a kidney-shaped pad are the tell tale signs that a badger has been close by.


Being nocturnal, badgers may be hard to spot during the day but their tracks can be found in a number of places.

Fantastic fact: Badgers have powerful front feet and large claws for digging which are easy to see in their footprints.

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