Name: Viper's-bugloss

Scientific name: Echium vulgare

Category: Flowers

Nature Stars: 60

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About: Viper's-bugloss is a hairy plant with dense spikes of bright blue, funnel-shaped flowers. Found on chalk grassland, sand dunes, cliffs and disturbed ground, it is in bloom from May to September.

How to identify: Upright spikes of blue flowers in dense clusters. Hairy stems and narrow and pointed leaves.

Where: Quite evenly scattered in the UK mainland

Fantastic fact: Viper's-bugloss provides food for a range of insects including Buff-tailed and Red-tailed Bumblebees, Large Skipper and Painted Lady Butterflies, Honey Bees and Red Mason Bees.

Photograph credit: Lizzie Wilberforce

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