Name: Ramsons

Scientific name: Allium ursinum

Category: Flowers

Nature Stars: 70

What are nature stars?

About: Ramsons spend most of the year as bulbs underground in ancient, damp woodlands, only emerging to flower and leaf from April onwards. This early spring flowering allows them to make the most of the sunlight that filters through the trees before they get their leaves. The flowers attract plenty of pollinating insects including hoverflies, butterflies and longhorn beetles. Millions of bulbs may exist in one wood, creating the white, starry carpets and strong garlic smell we so keenly associate with this flower.

How to identify: The easy way to identify Ramsons is with your nose because it smells strongly of garlic. In April and May look for clusters of star-like, white flowers growing on straight green stems. The leaves are grey-green, oval and narrow, and grow around the base of the stem.

Where: Grows in most areas of the UK and Ireland

Fantastic fact: Also known as Wild Garlic, the leaves and roots can be eaten and do taste of garlic.

Photograph credit: Philip Precey

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