Fragrant Orchid

Name: Fragrant Orchid

Scientific name: Gymnadenia conopsea

Category: Flowers

Nature Stars: 60

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About: The Common Fragrant Orchid is a medium-sized orchid found on dry and damp grasslands. Clustering to form cylindrical, densely packed flower spikes, the flowers themselves are usually pink but can also be purple or white. In bloom during June and July, the Common Fragrant Orchid lives up to its name by producing a sweet, orangey smell that is particularly strong in the evening.

How to identify: The cylindrical head of the orchids flowers can measure up to 15cm in height. A few, narrow, green leaves appear at the base of the plant and up the stem.

Where: Grows very well in Scotland and Ireland, but grows throughout the UK too

Fantastic fact: One of the very few sweet-smelling orchids.

Photograph credit: Philip Precey

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