Name: Dandelion

Scientific name: Taraxacum sp.

Category: Flowers

Nature Stars: 10

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About: Common Dandelions grow in all kinds of grasslands from lawns to traditional meadows. They are edible, and are a good source of lots of nutrients for animals and humans alike.

How to identify: Dandelions can look different, depending on the time of year. When they first flower you will see a large yellow disc consisting of lots of florets (tiny flowers)with thin petals. Yet when the dandelion seeds, the flower head turns into what appears to be a white fluffy ball. This is in fact a sphere of tightly packed seeds, each with its own tiny parachute.

Where: Widespread

Fantastic fact: Once a dandelion has turned white it traditionally becomes known as a 'dandelion clock'. By blowing on the clock and counting the number of times it takes all the seeds to be released into the wind, you're supposed to be able to tell the time!

Photograph credit: Photo credit tbc

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