Name: Daisy

Scientific name: Bellis perennis

Category: Flowers

Nature Stars: 30

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The daisy is perhaps one of the most familiar flowers of all.

Most people equate the sight of new daisies with the arrival of spring to our garden. Daisies flower all year round. They grow close to the ground and among the short grass. 

How to identify: At the end of the stem is a circle of white petals surrounding the daisy's bright yellow center.

Where: Very common across all of the UK and Ireland

Fantastic fact: Did you know? If you have lots of daisies in your garden, you can make a daisy chain! Just make a hole at the end of one daisy stem and threading the next one through. Repeating this until you have a necklace, crown or bracelet.

Photograph credit: Richard Burkmar

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