Name: Cowslip

Scientific name: Primula veris

Category: Flowers

Nature Stars: 60

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About: This cousin of the primrose is a similarly early spring flower. It is closely associated with much English folklore and tradition, including as garlands for maypole and as the county flower for Essex, Northamptonshire, Surrey and Worcestershire. Found in traditional meadows, woodland and hedgerows. Flowers April to May.

How to identify: Look for rosettes of green leaves low to the ground. They look a bit like crinkly toungues. Tube-like yellow flowers are clustered together at the very ends of tall stalks.

Where: Common in England, Wales and Ireland

Fantastic fact: This plant has many folk names due to its historical importance and fame. Thye include Key of Heaven, Paigle, Mayflower and Herb Peter.

Photograph credit: Philip Precey