Common Bird's-foot Trefoil

Name: Common Bird's-foot Trefoil

Scientific name: Lotus corniculatus

Category: Flowers

Nature Stars: 40

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About: Although not edible for humans, this plant provides food for small creatures and nectar for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. It blooms between May and September.

How to identify: Its yellow flowers look like little slippers and appear in small clusters. They are followed by seed pods that look distinctly like bird's feet or claws. A low-growing plant, its leaves have five leaflets and are downy.

Where: Very common, grows all over the UK and Ireland

Fantastic fact: Sometimes called 'Granny's toenails', which gives an unpleasant impression of what it resembles. Other (nicer) common names include 'Butter and Eggs', 'Eggs and Bacon', and 'Hen and Chickens' which refers to the egg-yolk yellow flowers and reddish buds.

Photograph credit: Phi

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