Name: Bramble

Scientific name: Rubus fruticosus

Category: Flowers

Nature Stars: 30

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About: The bramble or blackberry is a thorny, fruiting shrub of the rose family, famous for its berries which are relished by people and animals alike. Grows well in woodlands, hedgerows, gardens, scrub, cliffs, road verges and wasteground. Its dense bushes provide valuable protection for nesting birds and good habitat for a range of other small animals. Flowers between May and September and fruits throughout the autumn.

How to identify: Look for jagged shaped leaves set in a five leaf star formation. Thick stems are protected by an army of sharp thorns. Flowers can be white or pink, turning first to green, then red, then black berries.

Where: Very common, grows all over the UK and Ireland

Fantastic fact: The bramble cross breeds easily with similar plant species such as raspberry.

Photograph credit: Adam Cormack

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