Pine Ladybird

Name: Pine Ladybird

Scientific name: Exochomus 4-pustulatus

Category: Minibeasts

Nature Stars: 50

What are nature stars?

About: A small ladybird, about 3mm long. Black with 4 red spots on the wing cases, and with an obvious 'rim' around the edge of the wing cases. Can be found on conifers and on willow and sallow trees.

How to identify: There are two other black and red species with a rim around the wing cases. The Heather Ladybird has two red bars across the wing cases instead of four red spots and is found on heather, while the Kidney-spot Ladybird has two large kidney shaped spots and is found on a variety of deciduous trees.

Where: Widespread

Natural Superpowers

  • Predator: 70
  • Agility: 60
  • Rarity: 50
  • Cute factor: 70
  • Traveller: 40

Fantastic fact: When attacked the pine ladybird clamps down on to whatever it is resting on instead of flying away.

Photograph credit: Rachel Scopes

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