Hoverfly (Volucella zonaria)

Name: Hoverfly (Volucella zonaria)

Scientific name: Volucella zonaria

Category: Minibeasts

Nature Stars: 80

What are nature stars?

About: A big hoverfly, at almost 2cm long the largest in Britain. Mainly orangey-yellow on the abdomen, with dark bands and a dark brown thorax, this fly is an excellent Hornet mimic. Only a very rare visitor to the country as recently as the 1940s, in recent years it has become a common species in southern England and is still spreading northwards, perhaps as a result of the warmer climate.

How to identify: Our largest hoverfly. Told from the Hornet by the much larger eyes, broader body and no sting.

Where: Found in southern England and spreading north into the Midlands.

Natural Superpowers

  • Predator: 10
  • Agility: 80
  • Rarity: 70
  • Cute factor: 20
  • Traveller: 60

Fantastic fact: The larvae live inside Hornet nests, scavenging for scraps of food.

Photograph credit: Bramblejungle

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