Water Rail

Name: Water Rail

Scientific name: Rallus aquaticus

Category: Birds

Nature Stars: 70

What are nature stars?

About: A small relative of Moorhen and Coot, about the same size as a Redshank but dumpier and with shorter legs. Water Rails live in reedbeds, where they creep about on the ground feeding on invertebrates and small fish. Rarely seen, the are more often heard, w

How to identify: Water Rails are mainly grey, with black and brown streaked upperparts and black and white barring on the flanks. They have a long red bill and pale pink legs.

Where: Widespread

Natural Superpowers

  • Predator: 20
  • Agility: 30
  • Rarity: 80
  • Cute factor: 60
  • Traveller: 40

Fantastic fact: Despite their fluttery flight, Water Rails are actually strong fliers and many come here in the winter from the continent.

Photograph credit: Neil Aldridge

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