Song Thrush

Name: Song Thrush

Scientific name: Turdus philomelos

Category: Birds

Nature Stars: 30

What are nature stars?

About: A small thrush, about 20cm long. Brown above, with a white belly covered in black drop-shaped spots. Song Thrushes are common birds of parks and gardens, as well as woodland and scrub.

How to identify: Smaller and warmer brown than the Mistle Thrush, and lacks the white eye stripe and red flank patches of Redwing.

Where: Widespread

Natural Superpowers

  • Predator: 50
  • Agility: 60
  • Rarity: 20
  • Cute factor: 50
  • Traveller: 70

Fantastic fact: Song Thrushes particularly love to eat snails which they crack open by banging their shells agains a stone 'anvil'.

Photograph credit: Photo credit tbc

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  • Wigeonona
    • Date: 2011-06-13 19:42:45
    • Wigeonona

    i agree with all of you! from Hipoo Man widgeonona

  • Sealoles
    • Date: 2010-08-03 15:34:41
    • Sealoles

    i love song thrushes they are so cool

  • Swiftwing
    • Date: 2010-08-02 08:08:34
    • Swiftwing

    cute OK let's face it!

  • Ottero
    • Date: 2010-04-26 19:39:55
    • Ottero

    I love the song of a song thrush and I often see them feeding from the bird table.

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