Snow Bunting

Name: Snow Bunting

Scientific name: Plectrophenax nivalis

Category: Birds

Nature Stars: 70

What are nature stars?

About: Snow Buntings are sparrow-sized birds. Black and white during the summer, they become buffy and streaky in the winter. However, when they fly Snow Buntings still look black and white, with big white patches in the wings. Snow Buntings nest in very small n

How to identify: When they fly, the large white wing patches with black wing tips make Snow Buntings unmistakeable.

Where: Breeds in small numbers in the Scottish Highlands. Winters around the coasts of northern and eastern Britain.

Natural Superpowers

  • Predator: 20
  • Agility: 60
  • Rarity: 70
  • Cute factor: 60
  • Traveller: 70

Fantastic fact: Snow Buntings nest around the Arctic.

Photograph credit: Ómar Runólfsson

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