Ring-necked Parakeet

Name: Ring-necked Parakeet

Scientific name: Psittacula krameri

Category: Birds

Nature Stars: 40

What are nature stars?

About: A medium-sized, green parakeet, about 40cm long with a very long, narrow tail, a bright red bill. Males have a black throat and a thin black and pink collar. Ring-necked Parakeets nest in holes in trees in gardens and parkland. They are very noisy birds,

How to identify: Unmistakable, although other species of parrot do sometimes escape.

Where: Found in south east England, particularly around south and west London. Occasionally found elsewhere, usually as an escapee from captivity.

Natural Superpowers

  • Predator: 10
  • Agility: 50
  • Rarity: 50
  • Cute factor: 70
  • Traveller: 30

Fantastic fact: Originally from India, pet parakeets escaped and now nest in the wild, and seem to be increasing.

Photograph credit: Photo credit tbc

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