Meadow Pipit

Name: Meadow Pipit

Scientific name: Anthus pratensis

Category: Birds

Nature Stars: 30

What are nature stars?

About: A very common nesting bird of moorland, heathland and rough grassland. In the autumn and winter, gathers in (sometimes large) groups which can also be found in farmland and on saltmarshes. A small streaky yellowy-brown bird, about 15cm long. In the spring

How to identify: Rock Pipits have blackish legs: Meadow Pipits have pale flesh-coloured legs. The Tree Pipit is very similar, with a slightly stronger bill, but very difficult to tell apart.

Where: Widespread

Natural Superpowers

  • Predator: 50
  • Agility: 60
  • Rarity: 30
  • Cute factor: 50
  • Traveller: 60

Fantastic fact: In moorlands, Meadow Pipits are the commonest 'foster parents' to young Cuckoos.

Photograph credit: Photo credit tbc

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  • Finchalla
    • Date: 2010-07-27 18:01:47
    • Finchalla

    i saw a meadow pipit was scaring a pied dad was looking in the binoculars at the right time

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