Name: Mallard

Scientific name: Anas platyrhynchos

Category: Birds

Nature Stars: 10

What are nature stars?

About: The Mallard is the most familiar of all the dabbling ducks, found right across Europe, Asia and North America. They have also been introduced to South Africa and Australia.

How to identify: The commonest duck, easily told by the male's shiny green head, maroon-brown chest, yellow beak and curly black feathers just above the tail. Female ducks can be difficult to tell apart.

Where: Our commonest duck, found throughout the country.

Natural Superpowers

  • Predator: 30
  • Agility: 30
  • Rarity: 10
  • Cute factor: 70
  • Traveller: 40

Fantastic fact: The Mallard is the ancestor of the farmyard duck

Photograph credit: Steve Waterhouse

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