Credits: Common toad - Philip Precey

Did you know that amphibian actually means ‘living a double life’? It’s really rather fitting as amphibians are just at home in the water, as they are on land. In fact, most amphibians in the UK spend their time on land, only going back to water to breed.

Amphibians are cold-blooded like their close cousins the reptiles. They typically have four limbs and lay eggs in water. Unlike reptiles, they undergo an amazing transformation during their life – from water-breathing young, to adults that breathe air.

In the UK, the common frog is the amphibian you’re most likely to spot hopping through the garden. They make excellent meals for herons, birds of prey and foxes. Unlike frogs, toads get bad publicity. With their warty skin and night-time activities, they were long thought to be a favourite pet of witches!


Did you know?

It’s actually the edible frog (found in very small numbers in the UK) that the French eat the legs of.