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Elizabeth Turner

I was involved with Wildlife Watch from a young age, which helped to nurture my desire to work in conservation and gave me very fond memories to look back on! I was also involved with The Wild Things project (see picture below) which gave me my first insight in to conservation and the importance of the different groups of species and habitats and how they all add up to create an ecosystem.

When I was 13 I decided that my future would involve the study and conservation of wildlife so I asked my school headteacher if I could have days off to volunteer. I put forward a pretty persuasive argument so they agreed! I have volunteered with over 7 organisations over the years. The Lancashire Wildlife Trust was the most accessible organisation to me and I knew some of the Rangers already! 

At 16 I went on to do a college course in Wildlife and Conservation Management, at Newton Rigg College. Here my enthusiasm was only amplified and, with the encouragement of a lecturer, I decided to continue my education to degree level.

I completed my degree in Wildlife and Conservation Management from Sparsholt college in 2014 and have taken time to travel and continue volunteering since then. As I left home at 16 to live at college I had no opportunity for a gap year! But I have since been trekking in Sweden and wild camping around Scotland to name a few! I have also been able to return to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust as a volunteer, and it has been so wonderful to see so many enthusiastic and talented individuals coming together for a fantastic cause! 

I am happy to say that I have recently accepted a job as a seasonal ranger with the Forestry Commission in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. 

Happy 45th anniversary Wildlife Watch!


Elizabeth Turner

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