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Chris Packham meets Pip!

Pip the Squirrel recently met with Chris Packham, much-loved photographer and presenter of the BBC’s Springwatch programme.


Chris thoroughly enjoyed looking around the British Wildlife Centre where Pip lives, and taking photographs of many of the amazing real animals that live there.  Then he settled down to watch Pip’s adventures with Pipsqueak and Izzy, and this is what he had to say about it:


“Fantastic! Young children can learn about our wonderful wildlife with Pip the Squirrel DVDs and books.  They are the perfect way for them to find out about nature and the animals who share our world.”


Why not carry out your own Springwatch in your back garden?  Make sure you put plenty of food out for the birds and watch them fetch and carry it to their nests full of babies.  If you’re very lucky you may even have a nest close by – listen out for the cheeping of the chicks!  Watching the busy birds in the Spring is a great way to discover wildlife all around us, just like Pip and Pipsqueak love to do.

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