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Wild Recipes

Mmmm. Toasted marshmallows. Mmmm. Toasted marshmallows.

Cooking and nature go hand in hand, and not only is foraging really fun, you make some brilliant recipes! Here we'd like to share some of our favourites with you. 

       Apple cake                          Blackberry & apple                     Nettle soup


      Pancake Day                        Peanut butter cookies              Pumpkin soup




    Rosehip pickle                        Welsh cake                   Wild mushroom quiche








    Crystalised violets               Elderflower cordial                   Honey biscuits



Does anything taste as good as food cooked over a campfire on a warm summer's night? Here's some yummy campfire recipes you can try.


 Campfire cooking: Egg-in-a-hole, Baked banana delight and Bannock


Download recipe sheet 1 (pdf)


Download recipe sheet 1 (jpeg) 














Campfire cooking: Eggy muffins, Popcorn and Smores


Download recipe sheet 2 (pdf)


Download recipe sheet 2 (jpeg)














Campfire cooking basics

Your fire should be easy to take care of – you should be able to light it safely, add fuel or reduce the heat. You need to have the fire going long enough for the flames to die down, leaving white-hot coals to cook on. Then it’s a good idea to have some coals stacked higher than others to give you areas of high and low heat – just like on a cooker at home.


REMEMBER: Do not light a fire without an adult around to help you. Fire is dangerous and campfire cooking should only be attempted with an adult to help you.