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Bringing Brambly Hedge to our countryside

The inspiration from Brambly Hedge is all around us! Did you know the Brambly Hedge characters are based on little creatures in your hedgerows?

Wilfred Toadflax is a mischievous little mouse! He's the most energetic of all the Toadflax children and is often found getting into trouble! He's a loveable little fellow though and you can't help but love him. He's so full of character and life!

So who is Wilfred really?

Did you know, though, that there are lots of mice just like Wilfred living very close to you? Wilfred is a wood mouse! Just like Wilfred, wood mice are pretty spectacular!

They can make incredible jumps, have good night vision (as they're mainly nocturnal) and they can even shed part of their tail if they're caught - wow!

Home is where the heart is!

In Brambly Hedge, the mice that live there have very beautiful little houses, and wood mice are no different! Most wood mice live in underground burrows, which have several different chambers, for nesting and for food. Did you know mice were capable of making such complicated homes? They're usually built under the roots of shrubs and trees but can be found in other areas too.

It's easy to compare them with a Brambly Hedge home! Have you seen a Brambly Hedge home before? Aren't they just incredible??

If you know the Brambly Hedge books, you'll know that food is very important to the mice there! Mrs Crustybread, the cook at the palace, bakes beautiful cakes for every occasion! As you may have suspected, wood mice aren't quite able to bake, but food is very important to them. They need lots of food because they use a lot of energy! To help them build enough energy they eat berries, seeds and some insects too. 

So the next time you read your beautiful Brambly Hedge story, remember that the real life stories are happening every day, you just have to know where to look...

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