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Brambly Hedge Bonanza Winners

We've been teaming up with Brambly Hedge to offer you exciting new resources and competitions! In our Winter 2015 issue of Wildlife Watch we were thrilled to offer one lucky winner a framed original sketch from Jill Barklem, author and illustrator of Brambly Hedge, along with a treasury set. Nine lucky runner-ups won treasury sets! 

The competition

We asked you to take a photo of yourself in your special place in nature and tell us why it means so much to you. We had beautiful entries in and it was so difficult to choose between them! Read about the lucky winners below:


First place

Congratulations to Barney Hayfield, aged 11, who was chosen as the winner.  Barney wrote a beautiful piece all about how his garden is his special place in nature. 

Brambly Hedge said: "He has really encouraged his garden to become a wild place in a surburban/urban environment, and has proved that you don’t have to go far to find your wild place. He clearly has a great knowledge of his habitat and really describes the resident fauna in great detail.” Well done Barney!


Samil Patel, aged 10, took a photo of his special place - an old bendy willow tree. He said: "The reason why it’s my special place in nature is because it’s so wild. There’s no houses, no people and no pollution." It sounds perfect!  

Zahra Brook, aged 4, loves this place! Her mum said: "We have spent so many happy times here, in all weathers: snow, heavy frost, scorching sun and driving rain.  We have jumped in icy puddles, climbed rocks, gathered bilberries, picnicked at the stone circle, hidden in the bracken and created new games and adventures as we go.  It’s a special place for us all, full of good memories."

Felicity Ackland
, aged 9, said her special place in nature. She said: "It means a lot to me because it feels like I'm living in a fantasy world. When I climb to the top of the tors I feel happy like I have completed my task. The exciting wind, rain and seeing for miles make me feel alive." How wonderful! 

Maddie Friedlein, aged 11, chose Cornwall as her special place. She also said how much the Brambly Hedge illustrations interest her as she loves art and nature, so we're sure she'll love her prize! 

Jaynna-Celine, aged 10, told us a wonderful story about a nearby tree, that her grandma helped to save from being felled! 


Harriet Ambler, aged 7, loves South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. She said: "I like it because you can collect lots of bones on the beaches and collecting bones is one of my favourite hobbies. We also see lots of amazing wildlife like sea eagles, basking sharks, seals and deer. We would love to see an otter but we have only seen paw prints in the sand and spraint so far." Check out her wonderful blog

Wilfrid Watson, aged 12, loves exploring his local woods and finding wildlife treasures, like lichen and invertebrates! 

Fraser & Cecilia Murray, aged 6 & 4, treasure the bluebell woods as they've spent so much time there. They learnt to walk there, enjoy building dens, going on walks and looking for red squirrels.

Maddie Bishop, aged 8, has a very good reason for her special place - it's where her badger friend, called Samuel, lives! Maddie said: "His house is in some trees next to my pony's field. I put food next to his hole for him sometimes in the winter when it is cold and my mummy has a camera I put next to his hole to watch him. He is usually very quiet when I visit him in the day time but once he was really naughty and chased my mummy! He is a very special friend because I don't know any other badgers and I can take my friends to see him and they don't have any other badger friends either."