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Brambly Hedge and The Wildlife Trust have joined forces to champion the amazing countryside and wildlife that surrounds us.

The Wildlife Trusts look after an amazing 2250 nature reserves and are all about local wildlife conservation. The Junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts is called Wildlife Watch, and it encourages youngsters to explore their surroundings and get closer to wildlife.

Both children and adults have enjoyed exploring the miniature world of Brambly Hedge for 35 years. Although Brambly Hedge is an imaginary place, it is very real to Jill Barklem, and she has been influenced by her love of the countryside. She has drawn on memories and extensive research from all over Britain to create the stories and illustrations.

Whilst telling the story of the lives of the mice in Brambly Hedge, the books were also created to encourage people to get outside and explore their natural surroundings. There is a huge variety of flora and fauna, along with local wildlife, to be found in the fields and hedgerows and this variety only increases as the seasons change.

The way the mice live in Brambly Hedge is completely natural, and they appreciate and use everything that grows around them. Life for them is a series of picnics and gatherings, parties and outings, but most of all, they like to have fun!


Next time you're out in the fields, if you look hard enough, you might even see a tiny wisp of smoke coming from a chimney...

Working together, The Wildlife Trusts and Brambly Hedge want to help you explore and feel inspired by the animals that live in your own garden or green space close to you. To kick off, we're celebrating Brambly Hedge's 35th Anniversary and their brand new treasury set!


We are also pleased to announce that Sea Story now features information about our partnership - buy your copy here! 


Have fun with this Brambly Hedge wordsearch

 Will you find all the hidden words? 

Download the sheet here!


Try our Sea Story picture search!

Join Brambly Hedge on a fun Sea Story picture search! Download and print the sheet and see how many hidden goodies you can find. 

Will you be able to find them all? 

Download the sheet here. 


Create a marine wild wonder & win a copy of Sea Story!

The homes of the mice that live by the sea in Sea Story are decorated with beautiful seashells and marine-themed objects, bringing the sea to their home.

We want you to go marine-wild! Create something for your home made from marine wild wonders. This could be from driftwood, pottery, dead seaweed that you find at the beach, or you could use your imagination and create something yourself!

Perhaps you could knit your very own dolphin? Or make a papier-mache shell?

Find out more! 




Listen to bird song

Check out our online guide to bird song, and become an expert! 

Take the time this year to listen to the birds - in your garden, in your local woodland - anywhere! Isn't it just beautiful? Now with our online bird ringtones, you can learn which song belongs to which bird. 

Give them a listen here!

Word games

Have fun with this Brambly Hedge wordsearch and crossword! Click on the images below the download.



Colouring sheets

Bring the Brambly Hedge characteres to life yourself with these colouring sheets! Click on the images below the download the sheets and have fun! 



Meet the characters!

This beautiful article in The Guardian features images from Brambly Hedge and compares them to our very own British wildlife. See what you can find on your doorstep!

Take a look here!


Bringing Brambly Hedge to our Countryside

Wilfred Toadflax is a curious and mischievous little mouse who always seems to be getting into trouble! 

Read all about where you can see your very own Wilfred! He's closer than you might think...



Brambly Hedge recipe challenge!

For our October 2015 e-newsletter competition we asked you all to send us your favourite recipe, for the chance to win a beautiful Brambly Hedge Treasury Set. 

We had some fantastic recipes sent in! As well as a Treasury Set, we also produced recipe sheets of the winning recipes. You can take a look at them all here and be inspired to bake some yummy food.

Have a look!