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Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, this 5th of November, to check your bonfire for 'hogs!



Bonfire night is a great time of year! It might be chilly, but wrapped up warm in a big coat, with a hot drink, standing around a roaring bonfire, Ooh-ing and Aah-ing at fireworks... what could be better?


We all love this time of year, but our wildlife doesn't. Bonfire night can be a stressful time for animals. We all know that dogs don't like fireworks and will often bark or hide when they hear displays. But at least dogs have their owners to comfort them.


Our wildlife get scared and frightened over this period, as they don't know what's going off. But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate in style! Here are our top tips to have a wildlife friendly Bonfire Night!


  1. Check your bonfire before you light it - It's the time of year when hedgehogs and other mammals are starting to think about hibernation. If you've built your wood pile a few days before you light it, it can look very tempting and very cosy to a sleepy hedgehog. ALWAYS check your bonfire before lighting it. Shine a torch inside and move a few bits of wood around to wake anything up, or (even better) build your bonfire just before you light it.

  2. Try to have your celebrations on the 5th of November - If everyone were to have their bonfire and celebrations on the same day, it would be a lot less stressful for animals as they would only have to endure one night of fireworks, instead of weeks worth!

  3. Move any animal food out the garden - If you've got bird feeders or food for animals out in your garden, take it down or cover it over if you're having a bonfire or fireworks in your garden so ash or falling pieces of firework don't fall in!

  4. Wait until it's really dark before you start your celebrations - Dusk is when a lot of animals like to eat, but load bangs can be scary, and animals don't like to eat when they're scared!

  5.  Make sure animals can get out of the way safely - If you've got a pond in your garden, make sure that animals can get out safely. Loud bangs and fire is scary for animals and they'll run away from them. Some might even fall into water! Even though hedgehogs are good swimmers, they need help getting out of ponds, so make sure the edges are easy to climb out of.

If you follow all these tips, you can have a great night, and so can our wildlife!



Hedgehog © Tom Marshall