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Bird Ringing by Mya Bambrick

Do you want to hear what a day spent bird ringing really involves? 

On Sunday I went bird ringing at Leith Hill in Dorking, Surrey. It was very sunny for once and we arrived at 9:00. I have been bird ringing since the end of June so I am getting to learn some bits and hopefully I will be picking up others soon.

We caught lots of siskins that had been attracted by the feeders that are kept near the nets; due to this some of the birds that were caught are retraps (birds that have been ringed already). But this information is useful and interesting because it tells us how the birds are doing. As well as this we caught many willow warblers and chiffchaffs that are now migrating through Leith Hill so most of these are new birds (birds that haven't been ringed).

A few other species we caught were greenfinch, blue tit, blackcap, goldcrest, great spotted woodpecker and goldfinch.

My highlight was catching a firecrest which I haven't been able to see close up before. I was surprised to see how bright their orange crests are, they are almost luminescent! I also saw my first grasshopper warbler (even if it was only its tail!). Whilst there I saw four birds of prey: red kite, buzzard, sparrowhawk (which I spotted!) and kestrel.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Mya Bambrick
Wildlife Watcher