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Adjusting my ‘Nature Settings’

In this world of fast paced connectivity, I realised there was one connection that I’d lost. And I was missing it. It’s quiet absence had left me unbalanced. My health and mental well-being had plummeted and it took me a while to work out what was missing.




But I couldn’t understand it, Why wasn’t I being reminded of this? Everything else sends me constant updates and alerts, why should Nature be any different? Any marketing guru will tell you its “do or die” in this online world, unless you shout about it you’ll get zero traction. Come on Nature, buck up!

So I looked again. Pinterest seemed to have a bit of an angle, Nature on Pinterest looks so perfect and well photographed. All close up with misty filters and whimsical personal improvement quotes.

But I don’t relate to that sort of nature.

Time for a new approach - I tried a few Instagram posts. Maybe that might kick start Nature’s algorithm to reach out to me. That photo of the sand dunes was good, I even added some nature emojis. There….. see? thats ‘Me and Nature’.

You have no new notifications from The Natural World

Still nothing and I wasn’t feeling any better. I just didn’t appear to be getting any missed calls or status updates from The Natural World in my social feed. Then (of course) I realised:

The Natural World has yet to develop the habit or the technology to send me notifications and squeeze attention from my busy day. It’s me that has to make the effort.

Yes, you read that right. Effort is needed.

I actually have to go looking for nature to be in, to make time for it. I needed to adjust my ‘Nature Settings’ to get the benefit.

I’ve realised that building a relationship with nature is similar to how I would with a good friend. I’m reminded of the times nature and I have stuck it out even when I wanted to abandon it and go home (e.g. camping in the rain). The moments Nature and I shared in silence and the support it offered me when I was struggling (that unexpected rainbow).

Like lifelong friends this connection with nature grows slowly, it builds over time and with frequency. It requires face to face interaction with discoveries that use all the senses. And you just can’t get that on Pinterest.

It doesn’t take much, the smallest of actions or observations everyday build to become a connection that has depth and history. That is what I try to do with The Smart Happy Project, to notice natural wonders and share them. To encourage the small interactions everyday through the 365 Nature Journal that build a connection over time with a Natural World we each relate to.

Soak up your nature. Maybe you are into nature studies or nature crafts. Or you want to sink into the sensory side of the natural world. Make it personal between you and nature. Adjust your Nature Settings with The 365 Nature Journal from The Smart Happy Project.


Lisa Lillywhite

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