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Download, cut out and play Wildlife Watch's Wildcards game.



Download your cards


Click on the pictures to download: 


Sheet 1 - Otter, red squirrel, siskin, turtle dove, 7-spot ladybird, hummingbird hawkmoth, common toad and corkwing wrasse.























Sheet 2 - Dormouse, weasel, grey heron, goldcrest, glow-worm, wasp spider, grass snake and beadlet anemone.























Sheet 3 - Pipistrelle, orca, cuckoo, barn owl, mayfly, red admiral, common newt and moon jellyfish.























Sheet 4 - Harbour porpoise, mole, great crested grebe, swallow, angle shades, hawthorn shieldbug, slow worm and butterfish.























Sheet 5 - Harvest mouse, fox, manx shearwater, dipper, privet hawkmoth, cardinal beetle, common lizard and tompot blenny.























Sheet 6 - Minke whale, rabbit, puffin, spoonbill, common blue butterfly, wasp, great crested newt and lesser spotted dogfish.























Sheet 7 - Wild cat, water vole, magpie, spotted flycatcher, white-clawed crayfish, field grasshopper, smooth snake and hermit crab.
























Sheet 8 - Irish hare, bottlenose dolphin, green woodpecker, black grouse, rhinoceros beetle, scorpion fly, palmate newt and seahorse.














































Make your pack


Above you'll find A4 sheets of Wildcards for you to download and print. Ask and adult to help you carefully cut these cards out. To begin with you'll need a pack of around 32 cards, but you can add more later if you like.


On the front (face) of each card is a UK animal. As well as a photo of that animal, you'll find a set of 'scores' for various features they have, such as 'Killer Instinct' or 'Agility'. These scores range between 0-100.


You can also download and print out backs for you cards below. Cut these out as before and stick them on the back of each Wildcard. If you want to make your pack stronger, you could also try sticking the face and the back of each Wildcard to a piece of card (such as an old cereal box). You could even laminate them if you want to.  


Play the game


Wildcards is easy to play with any number of people. The aim of the game is to be the player who holds all the cards at the end. Here's how to play:


1) Shuffle the cards well.


2) Deal the cards face down to the players so that you can't see each other's cards.


3) Pick up your stack of cards but don't look at them. Hold them so that you can only see the top card. No peeking at the others!


4) The game starts with the player to the dealer's left. Read out one of the feature scores from the top card, for example 'Cute Factor 80'. Place the card face up in the centre of the group.


5) The other players take it in turns to read out their scores for that same feature. As you do, place your card on top of the first card to make a pile of Wildcards.


6) The player with the highest score wins the pile of cards. They pick them up and put them to the back of their pack.


7) The winner of the round starts again with a fresh card. Read out a new feature score from your new card. You can choose Cute Factor again, or go for a different category if you think your animal has a better chance of winning it.


8) In a round, if two or more cards have the same high score, it's a draw. Place all the cards in the middle. The player who read out the matching score last then picks a new feature from their new top card and a new round starts. The winner of this round takes both sets of cards.


9) The person who ends up holding all the cards is the winner of the game!