Getting Started

Well done! You've just created your profile - now it's time to start using the website. Here's some things you can do:

Complete your profile 


Complete your profile and earn 20 Nature Stars. Choose a wild avatar (will you be a buzzard, a flower - there are 20 avatars to chose from), set your local Wildlife Trust and register for our e-newsletter (if you haven't already).


Can't work out why your profile is not 100% complete? Try registering for both the national and local e-newsletters by clicking the 'edit profile' button. You'll also need to complete your Hedgehog award - the first of three Wildlife Watch awards that are all about having fun, learning about nature and helping wildlife!


What's happening near you?


Find out who your local Wildlife Trust is and find a link to their website where you can find out about activities and events taking place near you.


Start earning Nature Stars


You can start collecting Nature Stars for doing things on the website, and for spotting nature outside too. Earning Nature Stars helps you build up your status and collect Nature Cards of different animals in your online nature reserve in your profile. There are hundreds to collect so good luck!


Don't forget - Nature Cards are not the same as the wildlife sightings you report in the 'Explore Wildlife' area. They are collected randomly, so you never know what you might earn next!


Explore Wildlife


Discover amazing facts about the UK's wildlife. You can search for information on over 800 species in our Explore Wildlife pages - from dragonflies to dormice.




Download free stuff and wild up your computer! You can get wallpapers for your computer, wild ringtones for your mobile phone, t-shirt designs to make your own really wild t-shirt, posters to print off and stick on your wall and more.




Play games on our website.


Things to do


Find lots of wild ideas for things to do. From how to make an insect hotel to how to make a bag out of newspapers.


Watch Leaders


If you are a Wildlife Watch Organiser or Leader and you have just registered with the 'Leader password' then follow the link to access the exclusive Leader areas. Here you'll find information on running a Watch group, access to the Leader's activity database and a selection of useful documents and downloads.