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Create your own stick creature

We asked you to create your own stick creature for a chance to win a copy of The Stick Book: loads of things you can make or do with a stick by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield. We wanted to see a photo or drawing of your creature and for you  to tell us its name and some facts about it.

We had five copies of the book to give away. And the winning designs were:


Howard the Trunkiphant by Clara Salt (aged 3) from Worcestershire



This magnificent Trunkiphant lives in the shed at the bottom of Clara's garden and feeds on grass. His long trunk looks perfect for the job! Clara made her creature out of sticks from the garden with the help of her mum and has even painted a sunny scene for him to walk around in.


Wafflestick by Emma Kane (aged 8) from Belfast



The Wafflestick is a friendly creature that likes nothing more than to sit in trees wiggling its eyes. Don't be fooled by its horns - its gentle nature makes it the perfect pet. It particularly enjoys being fed honey, polo mints and waffles by its owner!


Flaxfield by Emily (aged 10) from Somerset




Poor Flaxfield may have a wonky nose, but he's a stick creature to be reckoned with! Those sharp thorns along his back and his taste for bats might make him seem a bit dangerous, but he also has a friendly side and a rather cute face.


Dinasour What by Anja Maycock (aged 3) and One-horned Moose by Lucas Maycock (aged 7) from Leicester



Brother and sister Lucas and Anja both sent in their stick creatures as part of a slideshow. They each completed interview questions about their creatures and Lucas even helped his little sister complete the hair on her creature's back. Good work, both of you!















Snowy by Leona Einbeck (aged 6) and Olyo by Nathalie Einbeck (aged 9) from Durham



Snowy and Olyo are exotic creatures that both make unusual sounds to communicate. Snowy sleeps hanging upside down like a bat and is good at looking after its chicks. Olyo lives with giraffes and doesn't like other animals getting too close. When they do it kicks them away!