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30 Days Wild with the Young Family

Welcome to Team Young’s Wildlife Blog. We are 3 kids, aged 12, 9 and 2 who love the outdoors and wildlife! (Luckily our parents do too!)

We live in the Cotswolds and are near lakes, parks, forests, rivers and countryside. During the month of June, we took part in The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild Challenge. It was great fun, we learned lots and can’t wait to do it again!

Here are some of the things we got up to!

We started the month off with a bang by taking a trip to a safari park and feeding the deer! We also saw lots of other animals and got to hold some too.

Because it was half term and the sun was shining, we were able to share a lot with friends and family over the first few days. We collected pebbles and painted them with views and made dens in the garden.


We found loads of feathers by the lake and decided to paint them to decorate one of our dens. We read books outside, sketched and painted and looked at the clouds.

Then the rain came! We found millions of slugs and snails EVERYWHERE WE WENT! There were so many different sizes and pretty shells. We danced in the pouring rain which was so much fun! Splashed in puddles and stomped in mud.                                                                                  


We spent lots of time at the local lakes investigating (and paddling!). We visited woodlands and meadows and spent time in our Grandparents garden. We found lots of caterpillars and different kinds of bees pollinating all the beautiful flowers.

We painted lots of pebbles as ladybirds and bees to play tic tac toe at school with our friends. We have been lucky enough to have lots of baby toads, frogs and newts in our garden which we have had to rescue from the lawnmower. We didn’t cut the grass too short to give wildlife a chance!


We have been able to go out walking a lot. We have found lots of new places to explore. We have stayed up late and gone out at quietly dusk and been lucky enough to see a barn owl, a roe deer and many different types of moths.

We paddled in the river and took our fishing nets with us. We found freshwater shrimp, dragonflies and damselflies, tadpoles and baby fish. One of us fell in and took a wild swim!!! We found crayfish. We saw sun sets and rain clouds and rainbows in between! We watched red kites circling over our heads.


We were never bored, we saw so many different insects, birds and other wildlife. We went out in the sun and rain and enjoyed every minute. It was amazing what we found when we really, really looked.

Wildlife is all around us and just because it isn’t June anymore we aren’t going to stop. #STAYWILD.

Team Young