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Our top things to do this summer

Summer's here!! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there's NO SCHOOL! What will you get up to?

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Your recent posts

This weeks update 11-15th July

Hi all. This weeks update includes. I am going to #StayWild and continue doing wild things most days. I have also comp...

My Kestrel award

I am currently doing my Kestrel award and I am LOVING IT!!!! I made a fantastic bug house at my mamma's house and made a...

A trip to Skomer Island to see Puffins and other cool birds

Harrison and Samuel enjoyed a wonderful trip to Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire as part of their half term summer camping...

Top watchers

Where are YOU on the watcher's top 5 list

  1. Voleyelis 1. Voleyelis Points: 119210
  2. Fulmarelus 2. Fulmarelus Points: 104880
  3. Toadax 3. Toadax Points: 92800
  4. Pipitana 4. Pipitana Points: 85760
  5. Rabbitolus 5. Rabbitolus Points: 71480