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Testwood Lakes Watch

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Group news and diary

Let's remember 77 years since the Blitz

Picture of bomb sites courtesy of Ordnance Survey.

Did you know that it's exactly 77 years since Southampton's darkest hour? It was during the last week of November 1940, during the Second World War, that German bombers entered the skies over Hampshire and delivered a cargo that brought death and destruction to the area. Let's find out what life was like and how the people of Hampshire made the best of life during difficult times.

See you at 2pm on Saturday, 25 November and be prepared to get dressed up!

Many Birds in the Hand.

We had a brilliant session on Saturday afternoon at Testwood Lakes with the help of Chris and Trevor from the Trust. They set out some mist-nets and we caught loads of birds which were carefully measured, weighed and ringed before being set free. We caught some blue-tits, great tits, a tree-creeper, a goldcrest, a coal tit, a long-tailed tit and a robin. But no ospreys!

But we did find an osprey in the woods - OK-not a real one - when we learned all about bird calls when we played the blind-fold game.

Time to set free!

Out long-tailed tit is ready to head back to see its friends.

Up close and personal.

Have you ever been this close to a Robin?

No birdies were hurt during the session.

A Goldcrested wren - Britain's smallest bird!

And join us, if you can, for our next session on Saturday, November 25th, when we'll be remembering 77 years since the Southampton Blitz.