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Testwood Lakes Watch

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Group news and diary

Dark magic at Testwood Lakes!

Wands at the Ready!

Get yourself into the Harry Potter Zone for our next session of Wildlife Watch at Testwood Lakes on Saturday 26 May, 2-4pm. Feel free to slip into costume for a session of wizardry and witchcraft. And there may even be a special appearance from Hagrid and Hedwig. Wands at the ready? Swish and flick - Wingardium Leviosa !

Birds in Transit - the great Osprey journey

From Senegal to Scotland (and Wales and England)

We followed the journey of the Osprey from West Africa all the way to Britain (stopping off at Testwood Lakes for a brief rest and a fish!) on Saturday's Wildlife Watch session. What a journey! ... on our way we battled wind, rain and sandstorms, were shot at, were attacked by crows and had to fly across great expanses of sea. On our way we caught lots of fish (actually fish-shaped fruit gums!) but made it to our final destination. You can see us at our nest-site

Testwood Lakes flyway service station

What's that bird on the lake?

We had a good look from the bird-hides to see who is visiting the lakes at Testwood. The sand-martins are back from Africa. Any ospreys stopping off for a snack before continuing their journey north?

Join Hagrid, Harry, Ron and Hedwig for another magical session on Saturday 26 May!

Birds in Transit

Picture copyright Geoff Harries.

Join us on Saturday 28th April, 2-4pm for our session on Birds in Transit. Did you know that Testwood Lakes is an important stop-off point for birds on their travels? Amongst a long list of visitors, is the magnificent Osprey which often drops in at Testwood Lakes on its amazing annual migration. We'll be heading up to the bird hides with our binoculars to see who is visiting.

An Eggsellent Easter Outing

Replica plastic eggs - amazing!

We had an eggciting afternoon at Wildlife Watch on Saturday. First we made our own nests in the woods - actually quite tricky - it must take those birdies a long time! We then had a look at some replica birds eggs - which were really amazing. It's against the law to have REAL bird's eggs as we don't want to encourage anyone to steal birds eggs from their nests. Then we had an Easter Egg hunt - just in case anybody didn't have enough chocolate at home! And finally we had an Eggxam at the end - just to check that we had all been listening! Well done everybody!