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Newhailes Detectives, East Lothian

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Group news and diary

Activity Programme

Activity Programme

18th January - 10-11.30am - Get to know your trees.
What trees are on the Newhailes Estate, lets get to know a little bit more about them, plus some games.

15th February - 10-11.30am - Victorian Games
Will we get bored with games without electricity? I don't think so.........

15th March - 10-11.30am - Anyone for Coffee
Why does Newhailes Estate smell of Coffee sometimes, come along to the brodies coffee Factory next to the estate and find out more.

17th May - 10-11.30am - Natty Newts.
Ever seen a newt up close well heres you chance at Inveresk Lodge Garden, also some natty newt arts and crafts to finish.

15th June - 9.30am-4.00pm - We're all going to the Zoo.
Annual Nature Detectives outing- were all going to Edinburgh Zoo and learn about penguins to.

16th August - 10-11.30am - A servants life..........
Lets find out what the servants got up to with a visit to Newhailes House.

20th September - 8pm-9.30pm - We're all going Batty
The Nature Detectives are going on a bat walk to see what bat activity is at Newhailes Estate.

18th October - 10-11.30am - Survival Skills
Learn how to build shelters, make non-trace fires and how to survive in the Newhailes Woodlands.

20th November - 10-11.30am - Flag making at Fisherrow Harbour beach
Let’s make some beach themed flags, using materials from the beach to make them really creative.

20th December - 10-11.30am - Festive Nature card making and Festive Quiz
The yearly quiz is back again! Plus we'll be having some natural festive crafting fun too.

Where we meet

The Newhailes NTS Detectives group is based in Musselburgh, East Lothian; with meetings usually taking place in the Education Room of the Stable Block at NTS Newhailes Estate. If you would like to come along to any of our events, please contact us for more details.

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