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Mansfield & Ashfield

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Our Watch Group was launched in October 2012, for young people aged over 8 in the Mansfield & Ashfield area. We do lots of fun activities exploring our local nature reserves. We meet at St Mark's Church Hall, Nottingham Road, Mansfield on the first Saturday of each month, 10.30 - 12.30am. Come and join in the fun! As this group is now quite full, to book your first session please contact: Sarah Spurry, Watch Leader, or phone 07885169111

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Group news and diary

Pond Dipping - April 2013

This was a session everyone was excited about. The weather had been so cold during the week but we need not have worried - our Saturday morning was lovely and sunny and we were so lucky - there was lots to look at - frogspawn was visible and we were all surprised at how much we found in the pond: water boatmen, sticklebacks, snails, damselfly lavae and lots more. Our new nets and observation trays were a great success.

Great fun was had by all and no doubt we'll be bringing out the pond dipping nets again later in the summer. One pond dipping session in a year just isn't enough!

Egg-citing times! March 2013

Having made bird boxes last session, this time we concentrated on birds and their eggs.

Lots of hard boiled eggs had been prepared by the leaders and helpers. The children used paints and water colour crayons to paint the eggs to make them resemble wild birds' eggs.

A nature trail round the park followed - everyone learnt about where different birds choose to make their nests and the last nest had brightly coloured Easter eggs in it for all to enjoy!

Flat Pack Homes for Birds - February 2013

What a noisy session but it was dry and sunny, if a little bit cold but we managed to brave the great oudoors and used hammer and nails to make blue tit boxes, to coincide with "nest box week".

We then took the brave move of setting up the painting pots, aprons on and the boxes were painted - all outside and no catastrophes!

The children also made bird feeders using lard, seed and pine cones - messy but the birds will no doubt be pleased with the results.

This was another fun session and the children went home happy with homes and food for the birds.

Surviving Winter - January 2013

This was experiment day - hibernation was our topic and we used hot potatoes in shoe boxes - a box of feathers, another of straw, one of wool and one more full of dry leaves. We used temperature probes and checked and recorded the potatoes' temperatures every 15 mins during the morning.

In between checking on the spuds, we talked about animals, birds, their food, habitat and behaviour in winter. This was followed by our first visit to the local nature reserve - Quarry Lane - to look for wildlife in winter and to talk about their habitat.

Meanwhile, we left a few of our helpers in charge of the potatoes!

Final result - the leaves won! They were the best place to hibernate.

Explore Christmas - December 2012

Word has spread and lots of people turned up for our Christmas session.

We used willow withies to make Christmas wreaths using natural greenery and glitzy decorations. The chilrdren then used their artistic and craft skills to make table decorations, calendars, Christmas cards or pine cone creatures - the choice was theirs!

A wonderful smell of pine and greenery filled the hall but we still needed to go out and enjoy some cold, fresh air so off we went to the park for the last part of the morning.