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Mansfield & Ashfield

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Our Watch Group was launched in October 2012, for young people aged over 8 in the Mansfield & Ashfield area. We do lots of fun activities exploring our local nature reserves. We meet at St Mark's Church Hall, Nottingham Road, Mansfield on the first Saturday of each month, 10.30 - 12.30am. Come and join in the fun! As this group is now quite full, to book your first session please contact: Sarah Spurry, Watch Leader, or phone 07885169111

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Group news and diary

Hedgehog Awards for our Wildlife Watchers

Well done to Joseph, Tia, Lucia and Leah

Trip to Rainworth Heath - October 2013

We asked the children what they thought. They said:

"I liked exploring" "We found a newt" "There were lots of creatures under the logs"
"I've never seen so many different toadstools before!"

All in all, we had a great time, guided by Ed Tripp, NWT's Sherwood Education & Community Officer. We've all learnt that we're lucky to have such rare heathland habitat in our area and that it's home for many rare and unusual species of reptiles, invertebrates and birds.

The Owl Experience

We invited Bob Morley from The Owl Experience to join us for our September Wildlife Watch session and he flew four of his owls, talked all about the owls, their food, their habits, their eyesight, their hearing, their survival etc.... and everyone enjoyed every minute, especially when it was their turn to have the glove and receive the bird.

Leah is our first Wildlife Watcher to complete her Hedgehog Award and was presented with a WW T shirt by Bob.

Investigating owl pellets was brilliant! We discovered what the owls had been eating - voles, birds, frogs ...........

We went batty in August!

An evening activity for a change and this time families were invited - a great turn out for our Bat Evening. Lynn Victor our NWT Education Manager told us all about bats and their behaviour and showed us "Penny the bat" who was recovering from injury.

It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to see the size and features of a common pipistrelle at close hand.

We were lucky too when we walked along the Quarry Lane Nature Reserve and used bat detectors to identify soprano pipistrelle, common pipistrelle and noctule bats flying around the reserve and beside the viaduct.

Dragonflies and bees

Lucky with the weather again! We made the long walk to the Oakham Nature Reserve, calling at the pond dipping area to look at dragonflies and damselflies on the way.

We used our sweep nets for the first time and were amazed at what we found - so many creatures around our feet and bees and butterflies landing on the colourful wildflowers in the meadow.

Not forgetting the picnic - the honey sandwiches went down well!