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Mansfield & Ashfield

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Our Watch Group was launched in October 2012, for young people aged over 8 in the Mansfield & Ashfield area. We do lots of fun activities exploring our local nature reserves. We meet at St Mark's Church Hall, Nottingham Road, Mansfield on the first Saturday of each month, 10.30 - 12.30am. Come and join in the fun! As this group is now quite full, to book your first session please contact: Sarah Spurry, Watch Leader, or phone 07885169111

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Group news and diary

Wildlife Watch Group of the Year Competition 2013

Look what we've won! Brilliant news for the New Year!

The Mansfield & Ashfield Wildlife Watch Group have just found out that we've won the National Wildlife Trust's Best New Group for all the work we've been doing since we launched in October 2012.

Thank you to everyone - children, parents, carers, leaders, helpers, Notts Wildlife Trust staff, St. Mark's - we've all had a great time and we look forward to more fun in 2014.

Feast & Footprints - January 2014

Lucky birds - the children threaded peanuts in their shells for the birds to enjoy. We think the squirrels might show an interest too!

We also talked about how to identify the different wildlife tracks and made our own animal footprint trap like the one on the Wildlife Watch Activity Sheet "How to Make an animal footprint trap". We then went "tracking" on the Nature Reserve. We were able to work out the difference between fox and dog footprints and also found that moorhens had been moving about in the mud.

Well done Owen for achieving your Hedgehog Award. Everyone went home with strings of peanut shells, Wildlife Watch activity sheets & stickers and postcards advertising I Spot - a wonderful website where you can learn more about wildlife and get help identifying what you have seen. Have a look at

Snowdrops and Stars - December 2013

We made sure Christmas was fun for everyone with a busy session making Christmas decorations and planting snowdrops.

Everyone had a go at bending the willow branches into shapes and adding sparkle and colour to their decorations - some fabulous results.

Dorothy, one of our helpers, was "Our Star" as she supplied clumps of snowdrops for the children to plant. The Wildlife Watchers decorated their plant pots, potted up the clumps of snowdrops to take home and then showed off their handiwork for the camera!

We're hoping the children will take photos of their snowdrops when they appear and bring the photos to a future WW session.

Our November 2013 session was all about Autumn Litter

We talked about autumn's natural litter but also about how harmful our rubbish can be to our wildlife and environment. The Wildlife Watchers had a go at using litter grabbers and collecting litter from the nature reserve as well as creating some artistic pictures using different kinds of natural autumn litter. We also played a Litter Game which taught everyone about the length of time it takes for our rubbish to degrade - some surprising facts were discovered.

Wildlife Watch Sessions - November 2013 - March 2014

Saturday 2 November - Autumn Litter

Saturday 7 December - Snowdrops & Stars

Saturday 4 January - Feast & Footprints

Saturday 1 February - Barking Mad

Saturday 1 March - Magical Migration