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Mansfield & Ashfield

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Our Watch Group was launched in October 2012, for young people aged over 8 in the Mansfield & Ashfield area. We do lots of fun activities exploring our local nature reserves. We meet at St Mark's Church Hall, Nottingham Road, Mansfield on the first Saturday of each month, 10.30 - 12.30am. Come and join in the fun! As this group is now quite full, to book your first session please contact: Sarah Spurry, Watch Leader, or phone 07885169111

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Group news and diary

Bat Boxes - October 2016

Lots more Kent bat boxes have gone up in the Mansfield area now!

Extra Special Wildlife Watch Trip to the Woods! September 2

How lucky were we? A few Wildlife Watchers ventured into the woods with the volunteers to check the dormouse boxes in a wood in Notts.

What a special event for us all. Many thanks to the Nottinghamshire Dormouse Group - tremendous work.

Wasps & Ladybirds - September 2016

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust CEO, Rob Fitzsimons, joined us today and was able to award Daniel D with his Hedgehog Award – certificate and Wildlife Watch T Shirt.

We all shared facts about Wasps & Ladybirds before venturing out to the picnic site on the Local Nature Reserve. It was raining so we didn't really expect to find many ladybirds and wasps but surprise, surprise we found a few wasps! Our CEO was an expert at finding them too.

Back indoors and we played a wasp picnic basket relay game before enjoying refreshments which included jammy biscuits that the wasps would have enjoyed!

Meet the Flintstones! July 2016

Our trip to The National Stone Centre in Wirksworth was a great day out - stones galore, fossils and fun!

18 Wildlife Watchers and our Leaders and Helpers enjoyed our trip to Derbyshire on the first Saturday of the month.

We are grateful to the NWT Local Group and local Councillors for their kind donations to our funds to enable this visit to take place.

Hedgehog Award - June 2016

Ewan in his new T Shirt