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Mansfield & Ashfield

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Our Watch Group was launched in October 2012, for young people aged over 8 in the Mansfield & Ashfield area. We do lots of fun activities exploring our local nature reserves. We meet at St Mark's Church Hall, Nottingham Road, Mansfield on the first Saturday of each month, 10.30 - 12.30am. Come and join in the fun! As this group is now quite full, to book your first session please contact: Sarah Spurry, Watch Leader, or phone 07885169111

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Group news and diary

Ian O'Brien - Wildlife Watch Leader - Award Winner 2014

We're all proud of Ian being awarded the John Walker Volunteer Award at the NWT AGM on 18 October.

It's recognition of all the good work he does for the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust as a volunteer - we're glad he also makes time to be with us at our Wildlife Watch meetings on the first Saturday of the month.

Well done Ian. Many congratulations from all of us at Mansfield & Ashfield Wildlife Watch.

Apple Day - October 2014

Leaders and Helpers decided to celebrate Nottinghamshire's Bramley Apple and Apple Day and all things Apple so we arranged to visit a beautiful old orchard near Southwell.

The children enjoyed the freedom of exploring the orchard, picking apples, carefully climbing step ladders to reach those "high up" apples and collecting the apples in baskets.

We washed and cut the apples into quarters, crushed the apples, turning the hand of the apple crusher. We added layers of apples and layers of straw to the apple press and with a strong arm on the turning handle of the press we made delicious apple juice. We all sampled the juice and enjoyed eating apple cakes before it was time to pack up for the return journey. We just had enough time to bottle some juice and collected a few more apples to take home.

Oh! It rained at bit but it didn't spoil our fun.

Mini Beast Hotel

This time we decided to build a big hotel for mini beasts - we had a donation of pallets which we packed full of materials that the children had collected and brought to the session:- pine cones, bricks with large holes, terracotta pots, straw, small logs and even parts of the old church organ from St. Mark's Church - very appropriate as we built our bug hotel in the church Community Garden.

We even had a roof for our mini beast hotel and before we had finished constructing our building, some spiders and beetles had moved in!

The children were proud of their work as you can see from the photo!

Bushcraft Skills - July 2014

We never tire of going to the woods to make a camp fire!

Before we left for our walk to the reserve, we had a health and safety talk about fire and using and storing tools, particularly small, sharp knives.

Once we'd arrived in the woods, we split into groups - some to whittle sticks for the first time (getting ready to toast those yummy marshmallows) and others to learn how to make fire using a flint and steel. Everyone had a go at each activity and no one missed out on the opportunity to toast marshmallows.

Everyone learnt how to put the fire out carefully and then we made our way back along the reserve, discovering lots of different butterflies on the way.

The Three Bs - Bees, beetles and butterflies

We'd heard the weather forecast and the black clouds were looming overhead, so as soon as all our Wildlife Watchers arrived for the morning session, we all put on plastic overtrousers, picked up our sweep nets, identification charts, magnifying pots, white sheets and trays and set off for a bug hunt.

This time, we tried to record our findings - bees, snails, butterflies, ladybirds and flies. Soon the rain came though and our paperwork got a bit soggy! We headed back to the Church Hall for Beetle and Dancing Bees games and of course, for a drink, honey sandwiches and butterfly cakes!