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Beacon Fell

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Group news and diary

May 2012 Elder

On the first Saturday of May at Beacon Fell we were doing things about elder wood.
The first thing we did was to go out in the forest to find elder and see what it looks like.
Then the rangers said that we had to wash our hands after first touching it because the leaf’s are poisonous - but when the berries are cooked they are edible.

After that we went back to the visitor centre to go and do something with the elder. Some people made a picture frame, a wand, pea shooters and many more things.

After we had done all that we painted it with:
• coffee
• turmeric powder
• grass and more natural ingredients.

Join us in July to look at bees wasps and hoverflies!

February 2012 - Tracking

In February we looked at tracking. A few hardy souls braved the elements on snowy Beacon Fell to investigate our wildlife. We found plenty of human tracks, dog tracks and horsetracks, but in amongst them all an eagle eyed junior ranger found roe deer tracks! Back in the warmth of the vistitors centre we used plaster of paris to cast our own animal footprints, which the junior rangers took home to paint.

Join us next month to learn more about foxes.

Beacon Fell Junior Rangers 2012

Beacon Fell Junior Rangers meets on the first Saturday of each month at the Bowland Visitor Centre, sessions start at 10.30 am and usually finish at around 12 noon. If you are interested in wildlife and having fun, why not come along and join in.

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