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Ipswich Wildlife Watch Group is Suffolk's only urban group. The group meets on the second saturday of each month betweeen 10am-Noon in Holywells Park in Ipswich. The park has many different habitats and is a great place to see wildlife in the town. To find out more about the group, email:

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Group news and diary

Save the Frogs Day!

Puddles were a plenty at our last Wildlife Watch session, providing perfect weather for our froggy friends on our Save the Frogs themed morning! After completing our fab frog trails and activities, we were lucky enough to find frogs spawn and emerging tadpoles and not forgetting a duck with her ducklings too! Join us next session on the 9th of May 10am -12pm for our Mini beast morning!

Save the frogs day

We had a lovely morning in Holywells Park for our last Watch meeting with signs of spring all around us! Join us next month on the 11th of April for our Save the Frogs day to learn all about our froggy friends!

Upcoming Events 2013

- Sat September 14th 2013: Mysteries of the water world
From scorpions to shrimps, beetles to boatmen, we’ll be exploring the ponds and streams in the park to search for all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. *PRE-BOOKING REQUIRED*

- Sat October 12th 2013: Fantastic fungi!
Fungi are fascinating things, and come in all shapes and sizes. Come along and find out more about them. We’ll also be exploring how the park has changed now it’s autumn.

- Sat November 9th 2013: Hidden Holywells
Where has all the wildlife gone? We will be looking at how different animals prepare for winter, and will be exploring the sometimes overlooked trees of Holywells.

- Sat December 14th 2013: Winter Wonderland!
Exploring the sights and sounds of winter, we will be discovering how the park has changed in the past few months. We will also be crafting wreathes and other decorations from natural materials that we find on the woodland floor.

For more details or to let us know that you are planning to come along please contact:

Saturday August 11th Ipswich Wildlife Watch CANCELLED

Many apologies but this Wildlife Watch will not be running due to all of us leaders being away on holiday at the same time. Sorry for the disappointment and we look forward to the September Wildlife Watch.

Upcoming events in 2012

- Sat July 14th 2012: Minibeasts!
In the height of summer, wildlife is all around us. But sometimes you have to look really carefully to find the most amazing creatures right under your feet...

- Sat August 11th 2012: The water of life.
Water is vital for life, and it can be great fun too! Come and find out what’s living in the streams and ponds of the park, and find out what else water can do!

- Sat September 8th 2012: Perfect plants!
Plants are amazing; we couldn’t live without them! This month wildlife watchers will be finding out about all the different plants in Holywells Park, and what wonderful things we can make with them!

- Sat October 13th 2012: Fabulous fungus fun!
Fungi are fascinating things, and come in all shapes and sizes. Come along and find out more about them. And we’ll find out what else is going on in autumn in Holywells park.

- Sat November 10th 2012: Awesome autumn...
The green trees have turned all sorts of beautiful colours. Chestnuts and conkers are just waiting to be found. What can we find and what can we make with autumn’s bounty?

- Sat December 8th 2012: Winter wonderland.
It may be a bit chilly outside but there’s lots to see and do. We’ll be making Christmas decorations and finding out how animals are surviving the winter...

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