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Ipswich Wildlife Watch Group is Suffolk's only urban group. The group meets on the second saturday of each month betweeen 10am-Noon in Holywells Park in Ipswich. The park has many different habitats and is a great place to see wildlife in the town. To find out more about the group, email:

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Group news and diary

Halloween Happenings 8.10.16

We had a great time getting gruesome today whilst dissecting our owl pellets. We had lots of fun identifying the different bones and skulls, finding out what creatures the owls had for tea! If you would like to join us next time, meet us at the stable blocks, Holywells park on the 12th of November for our next session! We hope to see you there!

Wildlife Watch Picnic (with a twist)

Wildlife Watch picnic with a twist! Quite often when enjoying a picnic we are visited by certain creatures that have earnt themselves a bad reputation. We will be doing some fun activities based on these creatures such as wasps and ants and learning that they are not only really important within ecosystems but also not as bad as we first thought! What's more, we will be learning about how other animals in the park eat and of course, a picnic wouldn't be a picnic without a yummy snack. We will make sure we have time to fit in a biscuit or two!

We hope that you can join us on the 12th of August at 10.00am to 12.00pm at Holywells Park's Stable blocks. We hope to see you there!

Big Butterfly Count Certificate - Well done everyone!

We don't just have lots of fun, us Ipswich Wildlife Watchers also take part and do our bit for national conservation and wildlife projects! Well done and thank you to everyone who helped take part in the Butterfly Conservation's Big Butterfly Count last session. We received a certificate for our efforts! If you would like to join in with the fun why not meet us next month on the 13th of August, Holywells park Stable blocks at 10 -12pm for our Wildlife Watch Picnic. We hope to see you there!

Big Butterfly Count!

Beautiful Butterflies! We had a great morning taking part in the Butterfly Conservation's big butterfly count today finding over 10 different species! We also found lots of other interesting creatures including newly hatched spiders, bees, snails, damselflies and more! We then made butterfly feeders and also recycled paper pots for our plants! If you'd like to join in with the fun next month, meet us on the 13th of August at the Stable Block, Hollywells Park, 10 -12pm. We hope to see you there!

Creepy Crawlies

We had a lovely day during our Creepy Crawlies session. We found lots of pond life such as backswimmers, flatworms, leeches, caddisfly larvae, freshwater shrimp and even tadpoles and fish! We then made miniature rafts and successfully got them to float! If you'd like to see what wildlife Holywells park and activities Ipswich Wildlife Watch has to offer, then why not join us next time, at the stable blocks, 9th of July 10-12pm to find out!

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