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Alford & Mablethorpe

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Group news and diary

Our Spring/Summer 2015 dates!

Come along and join us! To book and get more information please contact Margot Charlton on

01507 463738 or

* March 22 Orienteering / sowing a wild flower meadow at Raithby.

* April date tbc Lambing experience/sheep dog trials at Reston.

* April 26 Pond Dipping / admiring our woodland clearing and hedge! Rigsby Wood.

* May 3 4.30a.m.(time tbc) Dawn Chorus Walk at Snipe Dales.

* May 16 Dormouse Survey at Chambers Farm Wood.

•June 28 Shelter Building at Snipe Dales.

More 2014 dates for your diary!

Come along and join us! To book and get more information please contact Margot Charlton on

01507 463738 or

June 29th Rigsby Wood with David Sheppard
Joint meeting with Rimac Watch group… it's National Insect Week!
Sweep Netting

July 27th Sandilands Holiday Fun: Extended session with picnic.
Push nets, beach combing and seaside craft work.

August 31st Raithby Wood Mini Bio-Blitz!

September 28th Well Estates
Bat Watch with Richard Green, Lincolnshire Bat Group (6.00p.m.start)

October 26th Fungi foray at Rigsby Wood

November 30th Making an insect hotel / spiders at Manor house (indoors)

December 28th Woodland clearing and bonfire at Rigsby Wood

Some 2014 dates for you!

Come along and join us! To book and get more information please contact Margot Charlton on

01507 463738 or

Sunday 26th January Making Bird Boxes at the Manor House, Alford.

Sunday 23rd February Tree planting (tbc)

Sunday 30 March Pond dipping at Rigsby Wood

Sunday 27th April Bushcraft/ shelter making at Snipe Dales.

Autumn and winter dates!

Sunday 27 October Rigsby Wood Foraging for Seeds and Fungi.

Sunday 24 November Alford Manor House to dissect Owl Pellets and hunt slugs and snails in the garden.

Sunday 29 December Cutting and clearing at Rigsby Wood with a hot potato reward for all workers!

Our story so far! Reports on our spring meetings followed by

.Alford Wildlife Watch Group Meeting 28 April 2013

Today was a very special day for us as we celebrated the relaunch of one of the oldest Lincolnshire Wildlife Watch groups.

The icing on the cake was that the original Alford Watch leader, Roger Briggs, was with us to encourage us and show us how it’s done!

We also welcomed David Sheppard, another experienced Watch Leader and the Warden of Rigsby Wood, which is where we met.

A lively group of 8 children and their parents came for an afternoon of pond dipping. We saw all sorts of beasties, including damsel nymphs, pond skaters, water boatmen and smooth newts.

Roger talked to us about the life of a dragonfly. He showed us a wonderful display that he has made of the empty cases of the dragonfly at all stages of development.

Then we talked about the importance of using all of our senses in order to be nature detectives. Equipped with a Spring flower spot sheet, we went off in small groups to investigate. To help us work out which flower was which, we looked carefully and counted the petals and sepals. We felt the leaves and stalks, smelled the flowers and described and drew what we saw. The woodland floor was a beautiful, delicate carpet of wood anemones. We also identified lesser celandine, violet, primrose and dog’s mercury. The bluebells are rather late, as it has been so cold, but they are just coming into bud.

The weather was kind and we had a super afternoon. The time passed so quickly!

Alford Wildlife Watch Group Meeting 26 May 2013

We met at Rigsby wood and the sun shone for us! David showed us how to sweep the grasses to collect insects and everyone rapidly became experts! We scooped an astonishing variety of insects, amongst these:

Leaf hoppers, plant bugs, St Mark’s fly, large red damsel fly, slender ground hopper, caddis fly, various spiders, click beetle and a funny beetle that disguises itself very well as a bird poo! We also identified a courting pair of speckled wood butterflies, green veined white butterfly, brimstone butterfly, large white butterfly and orange tipped butterfly.

After a welcome drink to quench our thirst, we walked around the wood with a prepared spotting sheet of 9 photographs of flowers that are out now; and also descriptions of each plant to help us identify them. These are the flowers that we know now:

Speedwell, stitchwort, sweet woodruff, cow parsley, Herb Robert, red campion, vetch, bluebell, bugle.

Ben likes the laminated spotting sheets so much that he uses them as a place mat at the dinner table!

Jessica has done some research on a flower that we didn’t recognise last month; it is called Dog’s Mercury…and it is poisonous. Well done, Jessica.

Come along and join us! To book and get more information please contact Margot Charlton on

01507 463738 or

Dates for your diary:

30 June: 2.00 – 3.30pm Rigsby Wood
28 July: 2.00 – 3.30pm Gibraltar Point
25 August: 2.00-3.30pm Snipe Dales
29 September: 2.00-3.30pm Gibraltar Point

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