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Swallows everywhere!!!

I have already seen about 10 swallows!!! It is amazing! I have also seen some old swallow nests

I made a den!!

In the woods I made a den out of twigs and sticks. I used two trees with Y-shaped trunks and then put a stick between them. Then I put some twigs down from the stick inbetween the trees. I have nearly finished it!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer plumage

I have seen a black headed gull with its summer plumage whilst I was in the car!!! I think the mild weather had confused it!!!

Robins are the only bird that sing in the winter... really??

I have heard people say that the robin in the only bird that sings in the winter but I have heard dunnock and wren sing this winter!!!!

Mistle Thrush

I heard a mistle thrush singing in the garden today!!!!
I also saw 3 long-tailed tits on the bird feeders!!!