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Peacock Butterfly Photos

Whilst on holiday I saw a peacock butterfly and managed to get a pic!

Fiskerton Fen Pics

This is a photo of the river and the sky

Fiskerton Fen Pictures

Today, I went to Fiskerton Fen Nature Reserve and we saw loads of wildlife. We saw 5 juvenile whitethroats, a dragonfly (photo below), goldfinch, sedge warbler, comma butterfly, 2 mute swans, some old house martin nests and lots more. I took lots of photos and I will post them above this post as usual.

More dormouse photos

This is another pic of the cute dormouse!!

Dormouse Photos!!

This is a dormouse we found whilst out with the Dormouse Group at our Wildlife Watch Meeting! It was so cute and we got to hold him. He was sleeping for the whole time!