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20-26 June 2017 updates

20th June. I have seen Red Admiral butterlfies, Hoverflies and many bees today. The weather is slightly cooler. Tonight pheasants were heard screeching during the evening and maybe fox cubs too.
21st June - We were at Lincolnshire Show today and it was very hot. I was there to collect a big award. There are lots of trees and wildflowers as well as horticulture stands and cattle amongst lots of other things. We had filled up lots of water bowls for the birds before leaving this morning.
We saw lots of Swifts,Swallows, Goldfinches, Yellow Wagtails and more. As it got dusky tonight we watched bats flying overhead.
22nd June - Lots of wildflowers growing and seeing whats growing locally and round the area. Finally a downpour of rain and slightly lower temperatures.
23rd June - Overcast and showery today. I had an interview re my Young Citizen of the year award as part of it was due to my stranded mammals campaign which has been running over 3 years now. The garden is awash with hoverflies of many types and bees too. We found 2 very unusual insects which are awaiting identification from Sussex University.
The Blackbirds were around quite late tonight. A Badger has been rescued tonight from a local garden. The Wildlflowers are struggling in the heat.
24th June - found in the garden- Shieldbugs, Common Ground hoppers,Corn Crips,A Green Cricket,hoverflies and many varieties of Bee. The Hebe shrubs are buzzing loudly. There have been Common Carder,Buff tailed,Red and White tailed Bees. We have seen 1 Red Admiral and 1 Meadow Brown butterfly and a Daddy Long Legs. On the beach were plenty of Shells-Dog Whelks, Cowries, Razor Drills,Cockles and more. A 7 spotted ladybird landed on me while there. I also saw Sand Ants. We removed lots of beach litter too.
25th June - Very sticky and overcast today-warm too. The Pink,White and pale Lilac Hebes are buzzing with bees and hoverflies. Just an observation the darker Hebe is not getting as much attention from the insects? Peacock Butterflies are appearing as are the masses of Corn Crips. They have descended on mass. A few little slim green caterpillars have been spotted in the garden and another Shieldbug found.
26 June - Very warm again today. Porpoises were seen playing in the surf at Huttoft Bank,Lincs today. Small Tortoiseshell,Red Admiral,and Comma butterflies seen so far as well as Great Whites.

Wildlife Updates 17-19 June 2017

17th - I watched our friendly Wood Pigeons using the water baths left out for them and enjoying the seed too. We are enjoying 30 days wild although we do it far more often. Its been 96 degrees today and spent time at Chapel 6 Marshes beach-seen Shore crabs and very many shells in different colours-Scallops,Razor Drills, Oysters and many more. We also found Grey Top Shells and Periwinkles. There were several seaweed types here today too.
Before we left for here I had found a moth known as a Blackneck-not listed on conservation status. There are Cinnabar moths around too.
By Chapel Point Nature reserve there are lots of Grasses,Wild Flowers and butterflies including Peacock,Brimstone and Grt White. Late tonight I also released two Harvestman spiders back to the garden. We also found a dark coloured bee type species on the back windowsill,

18th June - Its very hot again today. Again I have put extra water out for the birds because of the heat. There are many tiny spiders around too. I have seen an Orange Underwing moth and a Speckled Wood butterfly. Buzzys bee hotel has 15 tubes in use nowl Wood Pigeons can be heard around the garden along with a Cuckoo every now and again.
We went for an evening walk on the beach and have collected so much rubbish its ridiculous. I also saw hundreds of tiny sand hoppers.

19th June - Spent at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve. Some of the birds seen include a Marsh Harrier, blackcaps,Avocets, Egrets, Dunnocks, Sedge Warbler,Goldfinches,Jackdaws and more. This is a great place for birdwatching. There are also lots of wild flowers around - Knapweed,Henbane,Deptford Pink, Pink Campion,Poppies and more. While looking at these I could hear Geese. One Brimstone butterfly to record here too.

Wildlife to 16th June

14th June- Got up early this morning and found a young fox cub lying in the garden in the sunshine-A most unusual sight but very nice.
Despite todays heat there were plenty of hoverflies but no butterflies,very odd..
15th June- Another lovely warm day. No signs of the fox today,a shame really..
Today we have seen lots of different trees,birds and even rabbits in a field not far from me.
We also saw a Tufted Duck and a Male Mallard duck too. Plenty of wood pigeons and crows around late this afternoon. We also started putting out extra water for the birds due to the heat.
16th June- More water put out for the birds as another warm day today. We have seen more birds around the garden and many types of gull over the coastline.

Latest Wildlife adventures

5th June - We are taking part in Sussex University Pollinators Abundance Network, We have 228 specimens this month and last month was only 128 - so a big increase. The weather is overcast and breezy.
We had confirmation that some of the shark cases sent up recently where Little Spotted Catshark and Thornback Rays-both these are listed on the IUCN red List and noted in CITES too.
7th June - Mum and I attended the latest round of Viking Link meetings to further voice our objections to their undersea cable they wish to put in near us. They could not show us the proof of their study and said we would have to wait but they have been in touch with the Marine Mammal Organisationtold them so had we.
8th June - Been on the beach today and have cleared more litter-makes me very cross. We saw lots of Razorshells, Oyster Drills, Cockles and stranded wood. The Wildlflowers we have planted are doing well and have a nice splash of colour. It will help encourage even more wildlife. The weather is very mixed today. The Albino Crab photos have been sent to Marine Conservation Society and Marine Biological Assn.
9th June - Been for a drive on The Wolds and seen plenty of wildlife here to add to my points. We returned and headed to the beach. Again lots of Razorshells,Cockles,Cowries and more.
A European Hornet was found in our sunlounge today and a queen bee. As we watered the garden at 9.25pm we were followed by 2 Robins. Lots of tiny cream coloured moths around tonight. The Moon looked Pink as it was rising. Lots of birds were still singing late tonight.
10th June - Many butterflies were sighted over the coast. The Wood Pigeons were still co-oing at 9pm. I released a Harvestman found in our kitchen.
11th June - Humid and Overcast. We went to Farmer Browns open day and besides seeing the cattle watched the Swallows flying across the barn between the nests they had made.

Wildlife Adventures 31st May to 3rd June

Type your text here...We have seen lots of various species of hoverfly. today. There are Dragonfly and Damselfly and Mosquito Larvae on top of our water tubs around the garden. Many types of bee around too including a Tree Bumblebee, common carder,White tailed and more. Some of the plants seen include Columbine,Fozgloves,Daisies,Roses,Poppies and many more. Due to the weather being warm many Butterflies are around including many Grt and small whites. I have also seen a lovely blue Dragonfly.
1st June - Its very warm today. Again there are many hoverflies,bees and butterflies. We have also spent time on the beach. We have found Atlantic Sanguin shells, Cowries,razorshells and many more.
2nd June -Very warm and humid. Many different species of bees around as well as many hoverflies. I have been to see a local councillor today who wants mum and I to help her with staging a marine awareness event at her farm for National Marine Awareness week. Other events may follow as a result.
3rd June.- We have quite a haul of beach sights today. We found a Jellyfish,a most unusual starfish-white in colour and very small. One very unusual Starfish found too -we have sent all the details to Marine Conservation Society and Marine Biological Assn. More peat from the ancient peatshelf was found too. Many invasive species were noted - Brown Mussels, Slipper Limpets and more. Lots of hoverflies recorded in the garden tonight. A beautiful Azure dragonfly seen too. We believe the Red Starfish found was a Henricia Sanguinolenta-awaiting confirmation on that. It is a species from the Atlantic and North Pacfic Oceans. Its very similar we are told to Henricia Oculata-can only be distinguished by testing.They can be red,yellow,Orange,Purple and Lavender. Its kingdom is classed as Animalia. We also found remains of a Shore Crab -Carcinus Maenus. Going back to the starfish we believe it may be listed on the IUCN Red list (114614) and classed on the CITES register 94142
. Its common name being the Blood Star. It is usually found in subtidal areas to depth of 2,400 metres.
4th June. We saw a Blue Damselfly this morning. Lots of bees and hoverflies around. There are plenty of Collared Doves,Wood Pigeons,Jackdaws and more around the garden.
We have been to Gibraltar Point Resrve today too. A Crane was seen, 2 Spoonbills from The Hide,Goldfinches, hundreds of Gulls of all types on the beach area as well as Cormorants and Shags. We also saw an Angle Shades Moth on the rope by the Old Coastguard Station. A Cuckoo was heard nearby. We also saw a Red Kite and some small Avocets.