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Flower Press & Ant World competitions

We teamed up with Interplay to offer two exciting competition prizes - a Flower Press set and an Ant World set! 

Ant WorldFlower Press set


We had an amazing 6 sets of each to give away! As you might expect, these competitions were very popular, so a massive well done to all the winners!

Ant World competition

For a chance to win an Ant World set we asked you to put your ant knowledge to the test with the following questions:

1. What is the Latin name for the common black ant found in the UK?

2. Do ant colonies have a) a King, b) a Queen, c) Both?

3. Do ants have skeletons?

The correct answers were:

1. Lasius niger

2. b) a Queen

3. They have an exoskeleton

Congratulations to:

Betty and Daisy Algar (7 & 5) from Cambridge

Rufus Frampton (6) from Dorset

Kiera Riordan (13) from Wiltshire

Matthew Walker (10) from County Durham

Grace Liddiard (13) from Buckinghamshire

Catriona Thomson (13) from Beaconsfield

Flower Press competition

To win a Flower Press set we asked you to correctly identify three British flowers, which were forget-me-nots, bluebells and buttercups. Well done to everybody who answered correctly! 

The winners are:

Imogen Mead (5) from Reading

Abbey Baker (5) from Banbury

Chloe Rami (9) from London

Annie King (7) from Wymondham

Nathan Waghorn (9) from Southampton

Toby Cawley (8) from Dorset

We hope you all have lots of fun with your prizes and we'd love to hear about any adventures you have with them!