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Long Time No See

Good Gravy! Long Time no see ... or post really .... it's been a whole year since I have been on here. Already spring watch has been and gone!

Nothing much has happened in that time ... saw my first Cuckoo but other than that, just the normal birds her in Worcester.

Redwings - facts

did you know that in the USA people call Redwings Robins? I wonder what they call Robins!

Spring Watch

Finally, springwatch is back :D SO far there are 4 webcams (I think) runt is doing as i feel he will not make it :( the others are getting all the food and he's not.

Please let me know if you see anything intresting as i would like to make a log of the goings on in any of the nests :D thanks


Another of my pictures. this time a barn owl silloueted against the moon :D


Here's a picture of a lynx that i drew a while back. I wish i could see one in the wild. :D

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