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Design your own rock pool

For a chance to win an NHBS Educational Rock Pooling Kit, we asked you to design your own rock pool for a shore creature of your choice. We wanted you to send in a picture and tell us what makes it such a good home for your chosen creature.

We had five rock pooling kits to give away. And the winning designs were:


Rock pool for sea spiders by Douggie Bennett (aged 11) from Derbyshire.




These sea spiders are very lucky indeed. Not only does their rock pool home provide them with a varied diet to keep them healthy, it also has everything they need to keep their outer skeleton shiny and beautiful! This is the home for you, sea spiders. Because you're worth it. 


Rock pool for hermit crabs by Lauren Stevenson (aged 9) from Oxfordshire.




Are you a hermit crab in need of shelter? Do you crave a home with protection from predators? Then look no further - this top of the range pool comes complete with a choice of extra shells, all the dead fish and seaweed you can eat and even the chance for love!


Rock pool for crabs by Joseph Ibbetson (aged 6) from North Yorkshire.




This rock pool is the complete home for crabs. There's seaweed and bite-sized fish for food, plenty of rocks to hide under and even a good layer of sand for burrowing in. Any crab would feel safe and snug in this home. No seagulls allowed! 


Rock pool for crabs by Julia Narine (aged 8) from Edinburgh.




This large, luxury rock pool is perfect for the house-hunting crab. There's no need to worry about being left high and dry, as water from higher pools feeds into your home, even at low tide. And who knows what friends you'll make in this busy rock pool with great community spirit.


Rock pool for crabs by Emily Dowse (aged 14) from Lincolnshire.



If you're a crab that likes sun bathing, this could be the pool for you. With your own private beach, a cave security system and regular leftover deliveries from passing seagulls, you'll never need to leave the safety of your home again!